to ride on a Vespa!

Are you looking for the right gift this Christmas?  Take a look at our original present, a “gift card” to share a unique experience with whomever you choose and whenever you choose.

What are our gift cards? Book our itineraries now and give someone a gift organised by us for next.  To get on the Vespa there is time, you can do it from spring.

So choose a gift card and decide to whom you’d like to give it. For example, gift a whole day exploring Turin or the Langhe to taste the territory’s excellent wine and food. If you feel that a one-day tour is too short then take a look at our weekend offers or if you’d like to surprise someone with a top-quality gift, how about considering our “5-star weekend in the Langhe on a Vespa”.

Gift Ideas: Tour in Piedmont on a Vespa

To set up a gift card, select a tour then choose:  you can send your gift card directly to the recipient’s email if you enter his/her email address. When you buy a gift card, you will get a gift “discount code” that you will enter on the website. If you decide not to enter the email, you will receive the gift card. Then, you can print the gift card, hand deliver or wrap it for a special moment!

To make your gift even more special, you can personalise the card: just click on “Personalise” and upload a photo or graphic of your choice on the gift card!

Send your Christmas wishes in style: make a Vespa tour the gift of choice!


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